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 Oficial, s-a terminat perioada de înscrieri! Felicitări tuturor care s-au înscris! Lista finală cu participanți se va afișa la sfârșitul ...
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Urmează prelungiri!

Dragi studenți,   Suntem convinși ca v-ați lovit de nemuritoarea sesiune, entuziasmul începerii noului semestru și de profesori noi.... ...
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Hai la SimPE!!!

Dragi studenți, Societatea Stundeților Europeniști din Cluj Napoca, vă face cunoscută lista evenimentelor la care veți putea participa ...
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matlab: a practical introduction to programming and problem solving

matlab: a practical introduction to programming and problem solving by stormy attaway
bu-rth h-nn | 2009 | isbn: 0750687622 | 480 pages | pdf | 14 mb

assuming no knowledge of programming, this book presents both programming concepts and matlab's built-in functions, providing a perfect platform for exploiting matlab's extensive capabilities for tackling engineering problems. It starts with programming concepts such as variables, assignments, input/output, and selection statements, moves onto loops and then solves problems using both the 'programming concept' and the 'power of matlab' side-by-side. In-depth coverage is given to input/output, a topic that is fundamental to many engineering applications.

* presents programming concepts and matlab built-in functions side-by-side, giving students the ability to program efficiently and exploit the power of matlab to solve problems.
* in depth coverage of file input/output, a topic essential for many engineering applications
* systematic, step-by-step approach, building on concepts throughout the book, facilitating easier learning
* sections on 'common pitfalls' and 'programming guidelines' direct students towards best practice

download links (clickable):

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the sims 3: deluxe edition v. 2. 0 + store (2010/multi2/repack)

the sims 3: deluxe edition v. 2. 0 + store (2010/multi2/repack)
language: eng, rus | pc | developer: the sims studio | publisher: ele 2000 ctronic arts | 11. 72 gb
genre: virtual life / simulation

the third part the sims - is an unusual and exciting simulator of our lives, which absorbed all the best from past episodes of popular series and adding many new and interesting. In this part of the border are erased everything without exception!
this edition includes not only the game itself the sims 3but all add to it! As well as all the latest patches!

if the former world can be divided into separate fragments, it is now the world is united in a large and coherent whole. Imagine that, year after year you lived in a closed space, albeit cozy, but still confined by four walls, and then, before you opened the door and you have made a step into a new, wondrous world.


* a huge city. Once you leave your house and you get acquainted with the inhabitants, this amazing place.
in this version of the sims people are able to move independently of the city, meeting and talking with friends, visiting each other in their cozy homes and getting to know new characters. If you were in urochenny hour in a certain place, you will witness and participant in various events that occur at any time - all in our life.
* portraits of the characters. Built-in image editor is perfect and can do things previously unavailable. With it you can easily paint yourself, your family and loved ones - on the other side of the monitor. windows 7 ultimate 64 bit buy online Settings allows you to set the body type of characters, height, eye and hair color, hair type and skin tones and dress them in clothing.
* for your sims make a new, extremely magnificent view of bedroom, living room, bathrooms, offices and homes.
* add a wardrobe of their sims' new clothes, made exclusively to order, in the form of costumes and clothing.
* choose any of the favorite occupations: detectives, rescue workers, inventors, sculptors. You can transform the city, becoming an architect and use of the option of buying and building. With the help of a stylist and a unique opportunity to tattoo you can change the face of the townspeople, turning potential customers into monsters or handsome.
* new feature - your character will get not only the car, but a set of furniture, home decor, and clothing. cubase 4 online download All done in one of four auto-styles. Will your hero of the new reincarnation of the king's road or the roads will be cut in a luxurious open-top mustang? Will he go on strike against the settled way of life, dressed in a superman costume country girl or a lighter? Or maybe he wants spy life, full of mystery, intrigue and adventure? Wearing a suit james bond or his girlfriend, sitting behind the wheel of a super car, stuffed with espionage supertehnikoy?
* you will be able to head to dive into the nightlife of the city - to visit the cool clubs, rubbing around celebrities and movie stars for incendiary parties, sit in the bar after work to shake the audience's own performance group, splash in the jacuzzi and find out what lurks in the dark when the sun sets and in the twilight of city streets adventures begin.

the publication includes:
* the sims 3. V 1. 17
* the sims 3. World adventures / the sims 3. World adventures. V 2. 12
* the sims 3. Katalog. Sovremennaya luxury / the sims 3. High end loft stuff. V 3. 8
* the sims 3. Careers / the sims 3. Ambitions. V 4. 56
* the sims 3. Speed mode catalog / the sims 3. Fast lane stuff. V 5. 24
* the sims 3: in the twilight / the sims 3: late night v. 6. 0

minimum system requirements:
* operating system: windows xp (sp2) / vista (sp1) / 7
* processor: intel pentium iv processor with a clock frequency of 2. 0 ghz (xp) / 2. 4 ghz (vista)
memory: 2 gb (xp) / 2 gb (vista)
video card: 3d-graphics adapter with 512 mb, compatible with directx 9. 0c
sound card: directx compatible
* free space on hard disk: 16 gb of free hard disk space, not less than 3gb - for the swap file, and additional content on drive c.

recommended system requirements:
* operating system: windows xp (sp2) / vista (sp1) / 7
* processor: intel pentium core duo clocked at 2. 8 ghz
memory: 2 gb (xp) / 3 gb (vista 7)
video card: 3d-graphics adapter with 1 gb, compatible with directx 9. 0c
sound card: directx compatible
* free space on hard disk: 16 gb of free hard disk space, not less than 3gb - for the swap file, and additional content on drive c.

features repacka:
* do not cut / no recoded to a lower bitrate
* have all the official add-on and directories
* installed a full pack of additional content from the official "sims store" as at 08/10/2010 (thanks vinyrim and mira-lar)
* two exclusive additional cities - riverview and barnacle bay
* version games 1. 17/2. 12/3. 8/4. 56/5. 24/6. 0.
* installation time about 30 minutes. photoshop cs6 serial number
* repacked by [r. G. Catalyst]
download from hotfile:
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79711395/8c75858/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part01. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79711393/4fdf367/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part02. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79711392/66b8fb2/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part03. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79711396/7aa0048/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part04. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79711394/47a365e/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part05. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79712428/da8c52d/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part06. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79712423/d80a02a/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part07. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79712427/2ff79cf/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part08. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79712426/07eb17f/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part09. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79712425/2e35520/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part10. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79712424/c51ac8e/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part11. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79712964/7a87c93/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part12. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79714485/c4dbfaa/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part13. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79714486/d4434c9/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part14. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79714505/b1ca8e0/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part15. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79715176/745be58/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part16. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79715205/6716e8d/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part17. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79715274/f87011f/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part18. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79715352/4837a15/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part19. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79715646/12c9a30/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part20. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79715686/d8f55a7/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part21. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79715736/f9be1f0/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part22. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79716380/59e200a/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part23. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79716397/c957644/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part24. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79716421/88824ea/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part25. Download buy windows xp Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79716451/4ba219e/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part26. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79716787/1286c42/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part27. Rar. Microsoft office 10 professional plus cheap Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/79717422/61f3d14/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part28. Rar. Html

from uploading:

http://uploading. Com/files/4e6b67b5/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part01. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/1b597f26/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part02. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/13b23afa/the. Sims. windows 7 for sale download 3. Deluxe. Part03. Rar/
http://uploadin 2000 g. Com/files/1mfmbm77/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part04. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/9932bdc3/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part05. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/dcm44f9a/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part06. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/6d3731aa/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part07. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/47be8775/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part08. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/485e5f19/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part09. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/b232729a/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part10. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/2b8e1bb7/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part11. microsoft project price Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/15fm654d/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part12. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/1d2a2e59/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part13. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/5d835ae2/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part14. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/c1fc675f/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part15. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/95379a28/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part16. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/36ea67ea/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part17. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/2aabfb55/the. Windows 8 upgrade advisor Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part18. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/5937ac73/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part19. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/5mbfc884/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part20. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/9m927bf1/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part21. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/3ffd4d85/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part22. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/99m1c77e/the. illustrator cs6 for students Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part23. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/28dcf138/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part24. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/f842561c/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part25. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/bmf9m96f/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part26. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/413fb9m2/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part27. Rar/
http://uploading. Com/files/e8m14a88/the. Sims. 3. Deluxe. Part28. snowtape license code Rar/

from fileserve:

http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/dkst35n
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/kqsqtc9
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/qdfwsug
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/sjqtnpe
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/mmgygb6
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/mchetat
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/eznavdf
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/tfhuxgr
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/mvzzzhy
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/yjaxkqq
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/zv9uh7a
http://www. Fileserve. illustrator cs6 for students Com/file/krkhyeh
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/x8bu6ju
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/fkgrgqv
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/qehzetc
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/vntkfdq
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/e6zhwwu
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/dctabuv
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/mgjt393
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/pehshcc
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/smnqvwn
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/d2jya2t
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/eqhxjfv
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/bta4wbq
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/nbhqumt
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/futeuxs
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/p8qdpaa

kung fu panda holiday special (2010) m-720p hdtvrip aac x264 neo

kung fu panda holiday special (2010) m-720p hdtvrip aac x264 neo
matroska | 477. 8 mib | 1280x720 | avc @ 2 900 kbps | english | aac lc-sbr @ 48. 0 khz / 24. 0 khz - 6 channels | 21mn 2s
genre: animation | short | comedy

the winter festival is coming and po is asked to host the great exclusive formal banquet for all the masters of kung fu. However, the occasion is on the same night as his father s restaurant s own party and mr. Ping, upset at his son s absence, will not cancel it to cook for the masters at po s request. Burdened by his father s imposed guilt about his conflicting responsibilities, po finds all the preparations a dispiriting struggle. However, the solution comes from where he least expects it even as the panda must decide who truly needs him more on the big night.

download kung fu panda holiday special (2010) m-720p hdtvrip aac x264 neo
http://www. Uploadstation. Com/file/d4a7mdb/kung. Fu. Panda. Holiday. Special. 2010. M-720p. Hdtvrip. Aac. X264-m4c14k. Part1. Rar
http://www. Uploadstation. Com/file/2vc8g8u/kung. Fu. Panda. Holiday. Special. 2010. M-720p. Hdtvrip. Aac. X264-m4c14k. Part2. Rar

http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/kgab2k2/kung. Fu. Panda. Holiday. Buy mac os x 10.5 download Special. 2010. M-720p. Hdtvrip. illustrator cs6 for students Aac. X264-m4c14k. Part1. Rar
http://www. Fileserve. Com/file/3gsyx9v/kung. Fu. Panda. Holiday. Special. 2010. M-720p. Hdtvrip. Aac. X264-m4c14k. Part2. Rar

http://www. Filesonic. Com/file/641190281/kung. Fu. Panda. Holiday. Special. 2010. M-720p. Hdtvrip. Aac. X264-m4c14k. Part1. Rar
http://www. Filesonic. Com/file/640528214/kung. Fu. Panda. Holiday. Special. 2010. M-720p. Hdtvrip. Aac. X264-m4c14k. Part2. Rar

mac osx lion v10. 7. 3-hotiso

mac osx lion v10. 7. 3-hotiso | 3,76 gb

mac os x lion has been released and can be downloaded and installed on existing snow leopard machines. I have a mac laptop for communication, travel, etc. And a mac desktop which is my primary data reduction/analysis machine. I have chosen to upgrade my laptop immediately and test some of the software i use everyday before upgrading my workhorse desktop. Below, i will describe my installation experience and the software i have tested so far. I will periodically update the post and add comments over the next few weeks. Why did i upgrade?

release info

supplier: team hot
release date: 02/11/2012
type: mac
format: dmg
files: 1dvd
website: http://www. Apple. Com/

i chose to upgrade immediately to os x lion because there are several features that i want, most particularly icloud syncing of calendar, contacts, etc. Also, i want to rapidly upgrade my workhorse desktops because lion supports multi-user login with each user having separate graphical interfaces. There is a very thorough review over at ars technica, shorter summary at engadget, and an installation guide at macworld. We had a preview post earlier with some of our favorite features as well.


i downloaded os x lion through the mac app store, which took 1. 5 hours on a fast ethernet connection. The installation process itself took about 15 minutes and i had no immediate problems. Below are some of the differences that i noticed having used os x lion for less than 2 hours now:

i previously had 4 spaces (individual desktops), which disappeared after the upgrade. I re-created them by opening mission control (three-finger swipe-up) and scrolling to the upper right corner. A plus sign appears and you can add desktops. The first app i opened was mail trying to connect to an imap account. It prompted me for my password continuously; but i keep getting an error message saying my password is invalid. This is an issue with mac mail and they are apparently aware of it (only receiving email is an issue, sending is fine). This is turning into a very big issue, so hopefully apple will get on top of it quickly.
the look and feel of mail is different with a more ipad look-and-feel. You can go back to
alkid live cd & usb + multiboot 2k10 dvd / usb [acronis & paragon & hiren's]

alkid live cd & usb + multiboot 2k10 dvd / usb [acronis & paragon & hiren's] | 2,54 gb

live cd & usb - universal is a boot disk to work and restore the system. Supports all media - cd, usb drive, usb-hdd, etc. Classical winpe technology - no wim-s and other things... Also present in the assembly multiboot 2k10 dvd / usb v. 1. 6. 5 drive system administrator. Buy download of illustrator cs6 for mac

contains a set of fresh antivi, tools for working with disks and images, backup and lifting systems, restore lost information and passwords, create new administrator accounts, return to the point of rollback, your system info, etc. illustrator cs6 for students Works with sata disks and raid arrays, mounts a volume linux, provides a rich set of networking and sata / scsi / raid drivers. In the full version has sound and video drivers.

in the assembly, there is set to create a multi-flash drives on the basis of grub, as well as the finished image flashes in the format of gho.

composition of assembly
hdd utilities
acronis disk director home 11. 0
acronis trueimage home 2011
ext2 & 3 & 4
final recovery 2. 2. 6. 275
hd low level format tool 2. 36
hp usb disk storage format tool 2. 2. 3
mydefrag 4. 3. 1
paragon hard disk manager 2010 server full
partition table doctor 3. 5
partition recovery 2. 0
sgsecurity testdisk + fhotorec 6. 9
symantec (norton) ghost 11. 5 + ghost explorer
victoria 4. 46
winimage 8. 10

restoration of the information
active @ undelete enterprise edition 7. 3. 003
active @ file recovery 7. 5. 2
advanced efs data recovery 4. 0
easeus data recovery wizard pro 5. 0. 1
runtime utils
- captain nemo pro 5. 0. 2
- diskexplorer for fat 4. 21
- diskexplorer for linux 4. 21
- diskexplorer for ntfs 4. 21
- driveimage xml 2. 13
- getdataback for fat 4. 21
- getdataback for ntfs 4. 21
- raid reconstructor 4. 21
recover my files 4. 6. where to download photoshop cs6 mac cheap 6
recuva 1. 40
r-studio 5. 3 eng
ufs explorer 3. 18

cd, dvd utilities
daemon tools 3. 46
imgburn 2. 5. 1
nero burning rom 6. 6
ultraiso 9. 3. 6. 2750
winimage 8. 10. 8100

agnitum outpost firewall 1. 0. 1817
internet explorer 6. 0
mozilla firefox 4. 0. 1
the_bat! 5. 0. 12
quick `n easy ftp server 3. 1 lite

antivi (base on may 11, 2010)
avz 4. 35
drweb 6. 00
hijackthis 2. 0. 4
ransomhide 0. 6. 24
trojan remover 6. 8. 2
kaspersky internet security 2009

7-zip 9. 20
winrar 4. 0. 0

advanced archive password recovery 4. 11
advanced mailbox password recovery 1. 9
advanced office password recovery pro 4. 11
advanced pdf password recovery pro 4. 11
chromepass 1. 16
dialupass 3. 16
ie passview 1. 26
mail passview 1. 73
messenpass 1. 42
network password recovery 1. 31
passware kit enterprise 8. 0. 2596
passwordfox 1. 30
produkey 1. 50
protected storage passview 1. 63
pstpassword 1. 16
remote desktop passview 1. 01
sala's password renew 1. 1-beta
saminside 2. 6. 2. 1
vnc passview 1. 02
windowsgate 1. 1
wireless keyview 1. 35

acdsee classic
akelpad 4. 5. 6
foxit pdf reader 2. 3. 3201
softmaker basicmaker office 2010
- basicmaker
- planmaker
- textmaker
ultraedit 12. 00
windjview 1. 0. 3

active @ boot disk 5. 1. 2
- data cd / dvd / blue-ray burner 3. 2. 2
- disk image 4. 2. 4
- disk image explorer 4. 2. 4
- file recovery 7. 5. 2
- hex editor 7. 0. 2
- kill disk 5. 2. 3
- partition manager 1. 3. 014
- partition recovery 5. 5. 02
- password changer 3. 8. 0105
autoruns 10. 07
blue screen view 1. 32
ccleaner 3. 05
driver import pe v1. 3. 3. 0
erd commander 2005
- computer management
- disk commander
- disk wipe
- file restore
- file search
- hotfix uninstaller
- locksmith (changing passwords)
- registry editor
- sfc-scan
- system compare
- system restore
microsoft management console
netresview 1. 26
downtester v1. 28
smart driver backup 2. 11
winhex 15. 0 sr-2
wirelessnetview 1. 37
manager peprograms

aida64 extreme edition 1. 70. 1400
adapterwatch 1. 05
cpu-z 1. 57
hdd scan 3. 3
hd tune pro 4. 50
memory analyzer 3. 72
system info for windows (siw) business build 2011-04-28
tireal tft test
unknown devices 1. 4
wirelessnetwiew 1. 37

remote access
ammyy admin 2. 13
putty 0. 60
radmin viewer 3. 4
remote desktop client
teamviewer 6. 0. 10511
vnc viewer enterprise edition 4. 5

file managers
far 2. 0 build 1807
total commander 7. 65a + plugins:
- 7zip plugin 0. 5. 8
- baseview 1. 2
- fileinfo 2. 1. 0
- img plugin 1. 6
- iso plugin 1. 6. 10
- msi plugin 1. 2
- ex2fs plugin 1. 4
- z unpacker plugin 1. 0

diskcryptor 0. 9. 593. 106
truecrypt 7. 0a

multiboot 2k10 dvd / usb v. 1. 6. 5
multiboot cd (dvd) & usb disk system administrator based on the bootstrap isolinux / syslinux v. 3. 86. The cd consists of several products, unification of one shell with download vozmozhnostyu c cd / dvd, usb flash drive, usb-hdd and the usual hdd. The main purpose - preparing to install the os (with vozmozhnostyu install win 2000/xp/2003/vista/7 - utilities wininstall (gui) / winntsetup, installation packages in an assembly are not included! ), creation / deployment system images, restore / copy data resuscitation companies, clearing the os from vies / trojans, testing the basic components of ms, and more. There is a support network (live/win7pe/partedmagic) vozmozhnostyu with internet access and multimedia support (live / partedmagic). There vozmozhnost use most of the programs of the assembly as a "portable" (fully portable, they are not, it's just self-extracting into a marketing-temp directory with autoenrollment).

the composition of the disk:
01. Usb-driver plop v. 5. 11-2
02. Sv-micro-pe (@ sv2004) plus pack 2k10
03. Live (@ nikzzzz) special edition 2k10
04. Win7live (@ xemom1) special edition 2k10
05. Parted magic 6. 2 / linux live-cd /
06. Dos-version of hiren's boot cd 13. 2 by lexapass
07. Linux-version of acronis disk director suite v. 10. 2288 (eng)
08. Linux-version of acronis disk director home v. 11. 2121
08. Linux-version of acronis true image enterprise server v. 9. 7. 8398
10. Linux-version of acronis true image home plus pack 2010 v. 13. 0. 7160
11. Linux-version of acronis b & rw v. 10. 0. 12497
12. Easeus partition manager professional v. 8. 0. lowest price for microsoft office 2010 home and office 1 (eng)
13. Paragon hard disk manager 11 server with virtualization add-on 10. 0. 17. 13146 (eng)
14. R-studio emergency v. 5. 1. 455 (eng)
15. And much more..

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