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Vești noi!

 Oficial, s-a terminat perioada de înscrieri! Felicitări tuturor care s-au înscris! Lista finală cu participanți se va afișa la sfârșitul ...
18 Mar 2013 | mai mult

Urmează prelungiri!

Dragi studenți,   Suntem convinși ca v-ați lovit de nemuritoarea sesiune, entuziasmul începerii noului semestru și de profesori noi.... ...
07 Mar 2013 | mai mult

Hai la SimPE!!!

Dragi studenți, Societatea Stundeților Europeniști din Cluj Napoca, vă face cunoscută lista evenimentelor la care veți putea participa ...
06 Mar 2013 | mai mult

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Miruna Verdeș Gabriel Uifălean Emanuel Sandu Șerban Pop
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body+soul - december 2010
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partial differential equations

partial differential equations by ray cox
global media | 2009 | isbn: 9380168535 | 124 pages | pdf | 12 mb

introduction to partial differential equations
this book is intended as a partial differential equations (pdes) reference for individuals who already posses a firm understanding of ordinary differential equations and at least have a basic idea of what a partial derivative is. This book is meant to be easily readable to engineers and scientists while still being (almost) interesting enough for mathematics students. Be advised that in depth proofs of such matters as series convergence, uniqueness, and existence will not be given; this fact will appall some and elate others. This book is meant more toward solving or at the very least extracting information out of problems involving partial differential equations.
the first few chapters are built to be especially simple to understand so that, say, the interested engineering undergraduate can benefit; however later on im 2000 portant and more mathematic topics such as vector spaces will be introduced and used.
what follows is a quick intro for the uninitiated, with analogies to ordinary differential equations.
what is a partial differential equation?
ordinary differential equations (odes) arise naturally whenever a rate of change of
some entity is known. This may be the rate of increase of a population, the rate of change
of velocity, or maybe even the rate at which soldiers die on a battlefield. Odes describe
such changes of discrete entities. Respectively, this may be the capita of a population, the
velocity of a particle, or the size of a military force.
more than one entity may be described with more than one ode. For example, cloth is
very often simulated in computer graphics as a grid of particles interconnected by
springs, with newton's law (an ode) applied to each "cloth particle". In three
dimensions, this would result in 3 second order odes written and solved for each
partial differential equations (pdes) are analogous to odes in that they involve rates
of change; however, they differ in that they treat continuous media. For example, the
cloth could just as well be considered to be some kind of continuous sheet. This approach
would most likely lead to only 3 (maybe 4) partial differential equations, which would
represent the entire continuous sheet, instead of a set of odes for each particle.
this continuum approach is a very different way of looking at things. It may or may not
be favorable: in the case of cloth, the resulting pde system would be too difficult to
solve, and so the computer graphics industry goes with a particle based approach (but a
prime counterexample is a fluid, which would be represented by a pde system most of
the time).

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railworks 2: train simulator v. 1. 14. 0b (pc/2010/multi2)

railworks 2: train simulator v. 1. 14. 0b (pc/2010/multi2)
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- additional materials are available for download, including locomotives, wagons, scripts, and routes
- each of the 8 routes perfectly modeled with typical signs and signals
- watch out for the train can be like anything - from the cockpit, the passenger next to trains and a bird's-eye
- includes more than 50 scenarios to test for the ability to control train
- simple, intuitive interface allows you to gain experience in the management of train
- five precise routes the real world: bath-templecombe, oxford-paddington, york-newcastle, hagen-siegen and cajon pass
- three imaginary routes: a large goods yard british way around denver, colorado, usa, and a set of routes in the alpine region of northern europe
- ability to easily create new routes or to modify existing
- routes can be built from scratch, based on your choice of areas, trains, and scenic sites
- ability to share with the user created content

system requirements:
- microsoft windows xp / windows vista / windows 7
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va - aria mystique

va - aria mystique

mp3 320 kbps cbr | release: 2003 | 226mb
genre: classic, opera, new age, lounge

cd1 - aria
1. Rebecca lucker - aria arianna 5:05
2. Sarah brightman - anytime anywhere 3:18
3. Karen cummings - ave maria 3:52
4. Ocarina dream opera - l' amour est un oiseau rebelle ''carmen'' 2:52
5. Andrea bocelli - con te partiro 4:11
6. Emma shapplin - spente le stelle 4:50
7. Eric serra feat. Lucia di lammermoor - the diva dance from ''the fifth element'' 4:43
8. Yuri ogava with diego madena - the enduring flame 3:48
9. Aria - lillabye 4:09
10. Era - infinity ocean 5:12
11. Sarah brightman - scaene d'amour 3:19
12. Pavaroti - caruso 5:18
13. Sissel - silent night 1:17
14. Soluma - dormire 4:50
15. Warren g&sissel - prince igor 4:20
16. Helene segara & andrea bocelli - vivo per lei 4:23
17. Ermitage - russian memories 4:15
18. Loreti - o sole mio 3:13
19. Julee cruise - into the night from ''twin peacks'' 4:42

cd2 - mystique
1. Gregorian - the sound of silence 3:35
2. Era - ameno 3:46
3. Sacred budha - 2ef9 straight tj the heart [frag] 4:54
4. cheap software after effects Julee cruise - into the night [twin peaks] 4:38
5. B-tribe - hablame 4:07
6. Yuri ogava - the solemn vow ''tus'' 2:38
7. Ocarina dream opera - the enduring flame 3:46
8. River dance show - gypsy 2:10
9. Delerium - hailands 4:34
10. Primal instinct - rainforest 5:00
11. Emma shapplin - de l'abime au rivage 5:11
12. Mike oldfield - sentinel 3:56
13. Enigma & d-emotion - projectplaninata 3:26
14. Soul ballet - am i close enough 3:51
15. Sarah brightman - anytime anywhere 3:17
16. Oliver shanti - sacral nirvana [radio edition] 4:28
17. Antaeus - kyrie 5:02
18. Vangelis - conquest of paradise 4:52
19. Enigma - sadeness 4:52

download from fileserve:

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