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 Oficial, s-a terminat perioada de înscrieri! Felicitări tuturor care s-au înscris! Lista finală cu participanți se va afișa la sfârșitul ...
18 Mar 2013 | mai mult

Urmează prelungiri!

Dragi studenți,   Suntem convinși ca v-ați lovit de nemuritoarea sesiune, entuziasmul începerii noului semestru și de profesori noi.... ...
07 Mar 2013 | mai mult

Hai la SimPE!!!

Dragi studenți, Societatea Stundeților Europeniști din Cluj Napoca, vă face cunoscută lista evenimentelor la care veți putea participa ...
06 Mar 2013 | mai mult

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Miruna Verdeș Gabriel Uifălean Emanuel Sandu Șerban Pop
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astronomy (june 2011) hq pdf

astronomy (june 2011) hq pdf
english | 78 pages | hq pdf | 58. 00 mb

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gregg kreutz - painting the female nude - sandra

gregg kreutz - painting the female nude - sandra
english | mpeg2 720x480 29. 97fps | ac3 256kbps | 4. 01 gb
genre: video training
gregg kreutz
complete oil study
with masterful use of light and shadow, kreutz takes us from a blank canvas through the sketching and placement to the completed work. Demonstrating how to work with line and the interplay of cool shadows on warm flesh, are only a few techniques gregg clearly explains and expertly paints.
2 hour, dvd
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stock vector - disco vol 8

stock vector - disco vol 8
eps | jpg prewiev | 5. 2 mb


va - trance desire volume 3 (mixed by oxya) (2011) neo

va - trance desire volume 3 (mixed by oxya) (2011)
released time : 31. 05. 2011 | mixed, no*cue | mp3 320kbps 44,1khz stereo | 158 mb
genre : vocal trance

001. Airbase feat. Ilana - affirmation (original mix)
002. Tritonal feat. Meredith call - broken down (original extended mix)
003. Masoud feat. Hannah ray - here we go
004. Carl fath & nathalie aarts - i will run (trance progressive mix)
005. Sander van doorn feat. Carol lee - love is darkness (basto's bigroom baby)
006. cheap adobe illustrator cs5 windows George acosta feat. Kate walsh - nite time
007. Will holland feat. Jeza - start again (original intro mix)
008. Sied van riel feat. cheap adobe illustrator cs5 windows Nicole mckenna - stealing time
009. The madison pres. Paper plane - we believe
010. Richard durand feat. Ellie lawson - wide awake (loverush uk! cheap adobe illustrator cs5 windows Remix)

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rhythm - december 2010

rhythm - december 2010english | 132 pages | pdf | 34. 00 mb

rhythm is the uks leading magazine for drummers and percussionists and now comes complete with the new play drums cd, packed full of tutorials, play alongs, techniques and practise tools to help you improve your playing. Every issue of rhythm is jam packed with exclusive interviews with the hottest players in the world, brilliant features covering every aspect of the drumming universe, independent advice on the latest gear from our team of experts, and all the news, reviews, gigs and gossip you could ever possibly want. Cheap microsoft office word 2010
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