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 Oficial, s-a terminat perioada de înscrieri! Felicitări tuturor care s-au înscris! Lista finală cu participanți se va afișa la sfârșitul ...
18 Mar 2013 | mai mult

Urmează prelungiri!

Dragi studenți,   Suntem convinși ca v-ați lovit de nemuritoarea sesiune, entuziasmul începerii noului semestru și de profesori noi.... ...
07 Mar 2013 | mai mult

Hai la SimPE!!!

Dragi studenți, Societatea Stundeților Europeniști din Cluj Napoca, vă face cunoscută lista evenimentelor la care veți putea participa ...
06 Mar 2013 | mai mult

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Miruna Verdeș Gabriel Uifălean Emanuel Sandu Șerban Pop
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comsol multiphysics 4. 2a build 166 (x86/x64) eng/2012

comsol multiphysics 4. 2a build 166 (x86/x64) eng/2012 | 4,35 gb

comsol has built a solid reputation of fast-paced innovation for multiphysics simulation and analysis. The new version 4. 2a adds to the long history of successful releases of the flagship comsol multiphysics product suite. The comsol group provides software solutions for multiphysics modeling. We are a fast growing high tech engineering software company with a proven track record and a vision as a leader of the industry. The company was founded in july 1986 in stockholm, sweden. We have grown to include offices in denmark, finland, france, germany, the netherlands, norway, india, italy, switzerland, the united kingdom, and the u. S. A.

by including features that reach new communities of engineers and scientists, comsol is creating a tightly-integrated platform for analysis whose breadth and depth is unmatched.

coffeecup visual site designer 6. 0 build 6

coffeecup visual site designer 6. 0 build 6 | 18 mb
coffeecup visualsite designer is a wysiwyg website creator and editor that helps you make web pages with no experience or html knowledge. Just drag and drop images or text on the page until you like what you see, and then upload to your website. Visualsite designer comes with over 70 web page templates to start you off and you can make websites with multiple pages, text-fields, graphics, animations and more. Create pages with your own images or use the built-in button and background creators to make every step a breeze.
feature list:
* visualsite designer is based on drag-and-drop functionality. If you can point and click, you can make your website! windows 7 starter True wysiwyg layout & design.
* use the inspector tool to easily edit an object
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* wizard to add in projects from any coffeecup application
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* the page, object, link, fill, effect and styles buttons controls the content of the inspector menu.
download links
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pyramid by james putnam

pyramid by james putnam

dng ksley publishers | 1994 | isbn: 0751360295 | 64 pages | pdf | 10,4 mb[/center]
the pyramids at giza in egypt have stood for over 4,500 years, and the amazing feat of their construction is shrouded in mystery. This superb collection of specially commissioned photographs tries to answer some of the riddles about them and the people who built them. 10.6 mac os x download

discover what archeological finds have revealed about life on the banks of the nile during the pyramid age. See the pyramids and temples of egypt and mexico in breathtaking detail, as well as statues of pharaohs, officials, workers, and religious texts written on stone and papyrus thousands of years ago. Reconstructions show the step pyramid complex at saqqara, the interior passages of the great pyramid, and a pyramid being built. Pyramid is a unique and fascinating introduction to the mysteries of these striking and colossal structures.
download link:

download (hotfile):
http://hotfile. Com/dl/85794397/db976ad/0751360295pyramidguide. Rar. Html
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george of the jungle 2 (2003) dvdrip xvid

george of the jungle 2 (2003) dvdrip xvidenglish | 83min | 640x360 | xvid - 1078kbps | 25. 000fps | mp3 - 128kbps | 698mb
genre: comedy | family | adventure
it s been 5 years since socialite ursula stanhope left civilization to marry george, lovable and clumsy king of the jungle. Now father to george junior, george finds himself stressed at having to juggle his cherished roles of jungle king, junior s dad, and ursula s loving husband. George s stress level goes way up when really mean lion challenges him for leadership of the jungle.
^=^=^no password^=^=^no virus, no trojan^=^=^
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blacksite: area 51 (2007) eng [rip by synergy] neo

blacksite: area 51 (2007/eng/rip by synergy)
year: 2007 | eng, rus | pc game | developer : midway studios austin | publisher : midway games | 4. 83 gb
genre : action (shooter) / 3d / 1st person

blacksite: area 51 - is collected in one vial advanced technology, excellent design locations and a fascinating story, which together create a unique gaming universe. One of the key features of the game - destructible environments, which, moreover, take on new forms...
black site (military term) - the object whose territory is developing a secret project. The term used by the u. S. Secret service to refer to any object, the existence or true purpose of which is hidden by the united shtatov. Shtat nevada, a small town of rachel, located 85 miles northeast of the gambling capital of the world las vegas. Unremarkable, except for one 'but': located near the base, formally belonging to the air force usa - zone 51. Also, the assurances of official sources, based mainly engaged in development and testing of advanced military aircraft. At least, so thought until now - until the streets of a provincial town is not overrun the hordes of alien monsters...

the team consists of soldiers of the elite army unit, players will find out what happened behind the walls of one of the most secret facilities in the united states. Blacksite - atmospheric sci-fi thriller with an exciting, non-trivial subject and the mass of surprises (the author made susan o'connor - screenwriter of the cult gears of war). At the height of a graphic component - the game uses the unreal engine 3 tech. Fans of the diversity have access to a next-generation gameplay shuterny enriched tactical elements. windows 7 student download Uk In addition, the game has a system of morality men: the commander of the resistance to stress depends on the spirit and will to win the whole team...

- the ultra-modern graphics engine, unreal engine 3. 0 - a visual perfection of a new generation
- maximum control of a platoon. Victory in any war depends on how well the men interact with each other. Therefore, the command of the soldiers carried with one click - fast, easy and convenient. In addition, along with an extensive array of army soldiers used a variety of military equipment
- artificial intelligence of the new generation of aggressive opponents and drive insane war for survival - an extraordinary spectacle in which you are taking a direct part

system requirements:
- operating system: microsoft Transilvania Look
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